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Testing and Commissioning guide ready to download

25 Oct 2023

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The safe testing and commissioning of new tramway vehicles and infrastructure has been put under the spotlight in guidance published this month by the Light Rail Safety and Standards Board.

The guidance document, LRG32 - Testing and Commissioning, is available to download here and covers all the steps that need to be taken before new lines open or trams enter service.

Craig O’Brien, LRSSB Head of Engineering Safety and Innovation, explained: “The Verification and Validation scheme documented in the guidance sets out the methodology and approach needed to demonstrate the safety of the network in terms of design, implementation and use by the travelling public, as well as its impact on other road users.

“Furthermore, certification for the network’s safety and security brings in every element of the works and the project operations as they affect passengers, staff, emergency service personnel and the general public.

“The testing and commissioning phase represents the final sequence in the validation process and involves physical tests, trials, inspections, reporting and confirmation that the network is ready to operate safely and efficiently, with all the required systems, equipment and operations staff in place.

The guidance sets out not only the entire range of tests that must be completed but also the roles and responsibilities of those who must implement them.

“This guidance leaves absolutely no doubt as to what needs to be done and by whom to ensure a smooth and safe progress, from new tramway project to launching a reliable and safe passenger service running to a timetable that applies seven days a week,” Craig added.

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