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Sector welcomes launch of online RM3 platform

6 Jul 2022

A new online learning platform that’s set to enable health and safety professionals to learn more about a comprehensive Risk Management Maturity Model has been welcomed by the Light Rail Safety and Standards Board.

Launched by the Office of Rail and Road, the e-learning resource has two modules to allow users to gain a full end-to-end understanding of how RM3 works and how to apply it to an organisation.

The model was initially developed by the regulator as a tool to help assist organisations to manage health and safety risks, identify areas for improvement and provide a benchmark for year-on-year comparison. The LRSSB has since worked closely with the regulator to ensure it meets the needs of the light rail sector.

Carl Williams, LRSSB Chief Executive, commented: “RM3 provides the ideal framework for organisations to effectively assess their ability to successfully manage health and safety risks.

“By working closely with the ORR and our other stakeholders, the LRSSB has helped to ensure this latest evolution of the model meets the needs of light rail, and we look forward to driving its adoption across the sector.”

The first of the two modules featured on the new online RM3 platform focus on RM3 and how it works with an organisation’s Safety Management System. The second module will support professionals in understanding how to use RM3, obtain the necessary evidence and conduct assessments to help them measure the maturity level of their organisation against the 26 RM3 criteria.

Throughout the modules, videos have been produced to provide examples of how RM3 is being used within the rail industry, including the light rail sector, and how to conduct assessments correctly.

Designed by Premier IT, ORR created the platform in collaboration with industry professionals across the railway including Network Rail, the Rail Safety and Standards Board (RSSB), the Light Rail Safety and Standards Board (LRSSB), East Midlands Railway, which represented train operating companies, and the Institution of Occupational Safety and Health (IOSH).

ORR’s HM Chief Inspector of Railways, Ian Prosser CBE, said: “We developed RM3 as a tool to help the rail industry’s ability to manage health and safety risks and to identify areas for continuous improvement to help keep Britain’s railway as one of the safest in Europe.

“Based on feedback from industry, we’ve created a new e-learning tool which will take RM3 a step further and help professionals understand how RM3 can continue to contribute to excellence in health and safety risk management.”

More information about the launch of the online platform, including links to the learning modules, can be found here.

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