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Risk model boost for light rail safety

16 Jun 2023

Plans to help drive nationwide safety improvements through better understanding of tramway operation and maintenance risks, have been boosted by completion of updated models for all major UK systems.

Over the past few months, members of the LRSSB team have been working with networks to refresh their own analysis of risk while contributing to a thorough assessment of common safety issues across the sector.

Laura Reardon, LRSSB Head of Safety Risk Management, explained: “While the UK’s light rail networks already have impressive safety records, it is vital that they fully understand potential risks to help them make informed plans for continual improvement in their risk profiles.

“As part of the LRSSB’s wider risk framework, this modelling is supported by the work done to upgrade the sector’s Tram Accident and Incident Reporting system (TAIR), while model review workshops benefitted from standardised ‘Bowtie’ risk assessments to identify potential precursors to hazardous events and control measures.

“In turn, the individual network profiles have been combined to provide an overview for the entire sector and then compared to the models’ results from 2021.

“Although it continues to evolve, the model already highlights progress that has been made on improving tramway safety, with a significant reduction in the sector’s estimated total risk having been achieved.”

The LRSSB will use the combined sector risk profile to support collaboration on shared safety issues and focus national strategies. Look out for LRSSB’s upcoming Annual Report for an overview of the sector risk profile.

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