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Partnership to establish guidance on reporting of safety concerns

5 May 2022

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The Light Rail Safety and Standards Board is forging closer links with the organisation that provides an independent channel for employees to raise their safety concerns.

Working closely with CIRAS, the LRSSB has updated existing guidance on how employers engage with staff on the reporting process and produced a document specifically aimed at the light rail sector.

Mark Ashmore, LRSSB Head of Safety Assurance, explained: “We have worked alongside CIRAS to develop draft guidance that’s based on existing advice for the wider transport industry and, following peer review, this has now been published.

“The LRSSB recognises that employees have a critical role to play in driving safety standards, particularly those on the front line who are often the first to identify potential risks and hazards.

“This partnership with CIRAS has helped to develop a sector-wide approach to raising awareness of the organisation and the steps employers can take to make sure their staff have access to its reporting systems.”

The guidance is now available to download from the LRSSB’s expanding online reference library here.

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