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National safety campaign to target tramway crossings

26 Oct 2023

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Light rail professionals are being invited to help shape a landmark safety initiative that’s been driven by extensive studies of pedestrian behaviour.

Proposals for a national safety campaign are being drawn up by the Light Rail Safety and Standards Board following pioneering research involving discrete filming around tramway crossings and traditional surveys. Researchers also accompanied members of the travelling public to observe how they acted around tram tracks across the country.

Now the LRSSB is working with tramway owners and operators to find the best ways to use the data to drive multi-channel communication campaigns to reduce the risk of collisions between trams and other road users, particularly pedestrians.

Carl Williams, the organisation’s Chief Executive, explained: “It’s now vital that those on the front line of light rail safety have their say in both the style and delivery of our national campaign that has the potential to enhance safety across all UK systems.

“As a result, we are inviting both safety and marketing professionals from across the sector to a special workshop where we will share the key findings of the research and insights into the pedestrian behaviours it identified.

“The event will also include discussions on how these fascinating insights can be used to inform the design elements of the campaign and messaging while identifying the most effective communication channels and content for future events.”

The workshop is set to take place in Birmingham on Wednesday, November 22, at the offices of West Midlands Combined Authority in Summer Lane. Starting at 11.00am it runs until 4.00pm and lunch is included.

“The event provides the ideal opportunity for the sector to come together to tackle one of the most significant safety risks faced by networks in an informed way while making best use of the resources provided by the LRSSB,” Carl added.

To book a place, and for further information, please contact Jamie Swift, LRSSB Head of Commercial, by emailing by Friday, 3rd November.

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