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LRSSB on track to deliver safer tramways

23 May 2024

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A series of landmark projects, combined with the continued evolution of the Light Rail Safety and Standards Board, continue to deliver a host of benefits for tramway operators, their employees, and the travelling public.

The progress made towards reducing risks on UK tramways is highlighted in the latest update to LRSSB’s three-year business plan, which also offers a detailed insight into its future priorities.


Published this week, and available to download below, the document sets out how the expanding organisation aims to continue delivering on its core objective: ‘Prevent Incidents, Reduce Harm’.


Carl Williams, LRSSB Chief Executive, explained: “Since the plan was first launched in the summer of 2022, we’ve achieved many of our initial ambitions, including the launch of an enhanced accident and incident reporting database and the development of an integrated and comprehensive risk management and mitigation framework.


“As we enter the final year of the plan, our focus will be on taking these initiatives to the next level while continuing to engage with stakeholders to better understand the challenges they face.


“Our acclaimed sector risk model will also continue to evolve, alongside reviews of existing guidance covering all aspects of light rail safety and the publication of new standards as they are required by the sector.


The latest Business Plan also includes a commitment to lead on research into new technologies with the potential to revolutionise tramway safety, including cutting-edge obstacle avoidance systems.


“We also aim to make it easier for colleagues to access support from the LRSSB through a new online ‘Safety Hub’ that’s set to be launched in the next few weeks, with further details to be announced in due course,” Carl added.

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