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Guidance puts network monitoring in the spotlight

28 Oct 2022

Comprehensive guidance on monitoring Light Rail networks and the importance of effective control rooms, CCTV and communications has been published by the Light Rail Safety and Standards Board.

The new Network Supervision and Management Guidance is available to download from the LRSSB website here.

Craig O’Brien, Head of Engineering Safety and Innovation at the LRSSB, said: “This latest guidance provides high-level, impartial principles for the safe and efficient fulfilling of Light Rail operations after the successful conclusion of any works to implement or modify a network.

“It covers the supervision and management of project operations and network assets, systems, technologies and/or supporting processes to plan for and implement project operations.”

The guidance also takes in the role of the contracting party undertaking supervision and management (the Opsco), including services and their performance, asset management and the role and functionality of the Operations Control Centre (OCC).

“The Operations Control Room is the vital hub through which all communications are routed. The guidance helps to ensure that OCR staff can safely and efficiently manage this, taking in CCTV surveillance, passenger emergency help points (PEHPs), PA systems, telecommunications and so on,” Craig added.

The document assumes the adoption of current-state-of-the-art technology and systems but also recognises possibilities posed by incoming alternative technologies. These may include developments such as hydrogen or battery-powered trams, so consideration of the impact of adopting such approaches helps future-proof the guidance as far as is possible.

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