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First podcast puts Chief Executive in the spotlight

2 Jul 2024

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The LRSSB’s pivotal role in driving further advances in light rail safety and setting new standards for the sector to follow has been highlighted in the first of a series of podcasts.

Talking on the blue sofa at the organisation’s Birmingham headquarters, Chief Executive Carl Williams also talks about his own light rail journey, having joined the sector in the early 1990s.


Having worked for networks in South Yorkshire, Edinburgh, Manchester, Nottingham and the West Midlands, the past four years have seen him at the helm of the LRSSB, where he continues to lead the evolution of the organisation.


In the first episode of ‘Let’s Talk Light Rail’ Carl also explains how it is helping the sector better understand the risks it faces and the innovative ways it is helping networks mitigate against them.


He also talks about its work on new guidance and standards, and updating existing documentation as light rail continues to grow and evolve.

In his conversation with the organisation's Marketing and Digital Media Manager, Carly Swift, the value of the LRSSB to the sector comes into clear focus, and you can listen or watch the full podcast via multiple platforms:


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Light Rail Safety and Standards Board is committed to further improving safety in the light rail industry.

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