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Enhanced TAIR system goes ‘live’

21 Apr 2023

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In a major boost to future light rail safety, an upgraded Tram Accident and Incident Reporting (TAIR) system is now ‘live’ following the completion of successful testing.

Earlier this week data was transferred from the original TAIR database, while a team of light rail safety professionals carried out extensive trials of new features designed to make the system even more effective and easier to use.

Network operators can now access the upgraded system using passwords issued during the final phase of the project, which has been led by the Light Rail Safety and Standards Board.

Carl Williams, LRSSB Chief Executive, commented: “Alongside the transfer of data, the old TAIR system has been taken down and we are now ready to step up user training on the upgraded version to ensure it achieves its full potential.”

“I’m delighted to report that another critical phase of this cornerstone project has been successfully completed, and credit must go to everyone involved.

“Over many months, the LRSSB team, operators, consultants and software developers have worked in partnership to develop a vital, sector-wide platform for incident reporting, analysis and risk modelling.”

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