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Workshops boost adoption of risk modelling

10 Feb 2023

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A series of workshops organised by the Light Rail Safety and Standards Board is helping tramway operators to review their own risk models.

As well as enabling organisations to better manage their individual health and safety processes, the resulting models will help the LRSSB to produce a comprehensive, sector-wide risk profile.

To ensure colleagues are able to make the most of a vital risk management tool, the organisation responsible for driving light rail safety standards is visiting all UK operators to assist them in updating their existing models.

Laura Reardon, LRSSB Head of Safety Risk Management, explained: “Over recent months we’ve visited Edinburgh, Sheffield, West Midlands Metro and Blackpool to assist colleagues with the process of enhancing risk models tailored to their unique circumstances.

“These will then feed into a national risk model developed by the LRSSB that will help us to identify potential safety improvements at a national level.

“Further workshops are planned to take place at the headquarters of the remaining UK tramways to ensure they have all the skills and knowledge they need to use risk modelling to enhance operational safety across the sector.”

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