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Working groups meet to help drive key projects

4 Nov 2022

Plans to develop a new sector-wide ‘safety plan’ are to take shape during the first of a series of working group meetings organised by the Light Rail Safety and Standards Board.

Last week light rail safety professionals met to establish their key priorities for the sector over the next few years as part of a new initiative driven by LRSSB and colleagues from across the sector.

Dedicated working groups were established focussing on various topics of benefit to the sector, ranging from emerging issues to the communication of best practice that will subsequently be integrated into a National Safety Plan. These will then align with, and supplement, the LRSSB’s business planning objectives.

Over the next few weeks, other working groups will discuss the implantation of the LRSSB’s new  Risk Management Maturity Model (RM3) tool and BowTie risk assessments.

Mark Ashmore, LRRSB Head of Safety and Assurance, explained: “These meetings have been set up by members of our Heads of Safety Group to provide greater focus on a series of key projects that are central to our plans to deliver even safer light rail systems.

“During a successful workshop over the summer, it was agreed that representatives from our member organisations with relevant expertise would be invited to join these project-specific working groups to ensure their effective delivery.”

Members of the Heads of Safety Group were updated on the initiative at the September meeting in Manchester, which took place ahead of the UKTram Light Rail Summit in Manchester.

“By setting up these working groups we hope to speed up the delivery of these complex projects with the support of the safety professionals who will ultimately be responsible for implementing them within their organisations,” Mark added.

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