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New guidance on OLE training and competency

28 Apr 2023

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Rigorous training overseen with exemplary competence has been a key factor in maintaining the excellent safety record of UK tramways, and new guidance has just been published to help ensure this continues.

The latest Overhead Line Equipment (OLE) Systems Training and Competency Guidance (LRG 40.0) is published by the Light Rail Safety and Standards Board and is available to download here.

The guide covers everything needed to prepare maintenance staff to work safely in keeping tram services running as they should.

Craig O’Brien, LRSSB Head of Engineering Safety and Innovation, said: “This guidance will effectively support the delivery of Light Railway engineering OLE competency in relation to training apprentices, new recruits and improving the skills of existing staff.

“The guide sets out best practice, along with the theoretical and practical knowledge that will be needed for trainees to gain the relevant training that will help keep them safe while ensuring the smooth running of Light Rail services.”

The guidance applies not only to modern Light Rail networks but also to First Generation (Heritage) systems and Second Generation (Adopted/Legacy) systems.

Craig continued: “Assessing competence is something that can never be taken lightly in this industry. Working on OLE inevitably involves hazards, so it’s essential to train maintenance staff to a level where potential hazards are known and can be mitigated.

“A robust methodology is required and trainees need to know not only what procedures to follow but the appropriate tools to use, PPE requirements, how to deal with vandalised or degraded assets and so on.

“We think the new guide will be a real asset to the industry in maintaining the constant vigilance in training and safe working practices that will minimise risks to staff while keeping tram services running reliably.”

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