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New email address for vital safety documentation

18 Nov 2022

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The organisation responsible for driving light rail safety is streamlining its communications processes to ensure sector professionals are kept up to date on the latest guidance and other critical documents.

As part of the process, the Light Rail Safety and Standards Board has adopted a new email address to reduce the chance of customers missing vital communications.

Jamie Swift, LRSSB Head of Commercial, explained: “Previously emails containing new standards or guidance have been issued from the accounts of individual members of our team, and sometimes they can be easy for customers to miss amongst regular day-to-day messages.

“Unless they are filed effectively, such emails can also be difficult to locate at a later date. By sending them from a single, easy to remember, email address, it should be much easier for recipients to find documents, newsletters and other important updates from the LRSSB.

Now all emails relating to published documentation will be sent from and customers and other stakeholders are advised to adjust their email filters if appropriate.

“Colleagues at the LRSSB will, of course, continue to use their existing email addresses as appropriate but this new account will help ensure customers can quickly identify a message containing important information from the LRSSB,” Jamie added.

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