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Minimising risks associated with contracted works

18 Apr 2023

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Construction and maintenance work inevitably involves an element of risk, but new guidance aims to reduce the chances of an accidents involving contracted work on tramways.

Published by the Light Rail Safety and Standards Board, it provides operators and maintainers clear guidelines on mitigation measures expected of contractors and what they need to deliver in return.

Craig O’Brien, LRSSB Head of Engineering Safety and Innovation, explained: “Our aim is to help operators manages risk associated with contractors and visitors performing work on or near to premises and operations under their control, as well as controlling risk along the supply chain for contracted work on light rail systems.

“The guidance takes in everything from general principles to contractor selection, contract preparation, environmental management, emergency planning, PPE and much more.”

Staff requirements for contractors are also detailed regarding fitness for work, testing for alcohol and drugs - including prescription and over-the-counter drugs, fatigue management and control of hours worked, plus monitoring and supervision requirements to be specified in contracts.

“Quality management is another major factor,” Craig said. “It’s essential that a quality management system is implemented by the contractor and that the client network ensures that proper records are kept in the contractor’s health and safety file.”

Construction Design Management regulations, Light Rail Personal Track Safety training, access to depots and system closures, possessions and isolations are among the other topics covered.

Craig added: “This guidance leaves no stone unturned in covering every aspect of the necessary preparations for and execution of contracted works. We believe it will be of value to every Light Rail network when appointing contractors and will facilitate the successful conclusion of any necessary works.”

The complete guide, entitled LRG 34.0 – Guidance on the Control of Contracted Works, can be downloaded here.

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