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LRSSB steps up engagement on guidance development

21 Nov 2022

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The views of safety professionals from across the sector are to help shape the development of new light rail guidance and future updates to existing documentation.

Organised by the Light Rail Safety and Standards Board, a recent workshop involving representatives from all modern UK tram networks has already advanced a programme of continuous guidance development.

Carl Williams, LRSSB Chief Executive, explained: “Since the organisation was established in 2019, we have published a wealth of publications covering all aspects of network design and operation.

“However, it is vital that we gain as much feedback as possible from those who rely on the documentation to ensure tramway safety if the sector is to meet the expectations of the Department for Transport.

“These obligations were highlighted during the most recent meeting of the LRSSB board, which has given its full backing to a thorough consultation process that will be ramped up over coming months.”

As well as identifying where updates and improvements to existing guidance can be made, this process will also include further workshops to establish future priorities. These will also incorporate discussions on the further development of the LRSSB’s Tramway Principles and Guidance (TPG) document, a central pillar of light rail safety.

“The next workshop will take place this week when a sector-based working group will focus on TPG, and help to prioritise work on guidance documents that meets the requirements of existing and future light rail systems,” Carl added.

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