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Welcome to the Light Rail
Safety and Standards Board

Setting the standards for
light rail safety

Established in 2018, the Light Rail Safety & Standards Board is committed to further improvements to what is already one of the safest forms of public transport.

Drawing on experience and expertise from across the sector, it brings all aspects of light rail safety under one roof while providing a central resource where colleagues can access the latest guidance and standards documentation.

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New working group to focus on SPAD reporting and risks

A new working group is set to thoroughly investigate the reasons why trams sometimes fail to stop at signals when they are required to.

LRSSB experts take to the stage at high-profile events

Enhancements to tramway safety have been highlighted during two recent events for experts working in the wider rail industry.

Supertram collaboration boosts development of new guidance

The organisation responsible for enhancing safety on UK tramways has helped set new standards for safety management while supporting the transition of Sheffield Supertram into the ownership of South Yorkshire Mayoral Combined Authority (SYMCA).

LRSSB rolls out reporting system updates

Further investment by the LRSSB in a ground-breaking accident and incident reporting system has seen the addition of a raft of new features designed to deliver even more detailed data for future risk modelling.

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Light Rail Safety and Standards Board is committed to further improving safety in the light rail industry.

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