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Dashboards to drive light rail safety enhancements

29 Jan 2024

The use of advanced data visualisation tools to further improve safety on UK tramways has taken a major step forward with the launch of a new user interface to help light rail networks access and understand vital information on the risks they face.

Following months of development and input from professionals from across the sector, the Light Rail Safety and Standards Board has produced new ‘dashboards’ that provide visual representations of the networks’ safety risk model results.


Made possible by a landmark agreement to share information and intelligence across the sector, the new user interfaces also enable networks to reflect on their own risk profile and compare it with the wider sector.


Laura Reardon, Head of Safety Risk Management at the LRSSB, commented: “As well as providing insights into the risk profile for the entire sector, the dashboards enable users to interrogate their own model, understand individual elements of the data it contains and benchmark themselves against the wider sector.


“These include the top hazardous events; the distribution of risk across staff, members of the public and passengers; and the potential events most likely to result in a fatality.


“The dashboards can also help users identify the precursors to harmful events and, as a result, reduce the likelihood of similar incidents happening in the future.”


A further benefit of the new interface is the ability to allow users to break down their risk profile by type of risk, hazardous event, population, or precursor.  Further insights relative to the sector are also made available, including the percentage contribution to the sector, anonymous ranking relative to other networks and the difference with the sector average after considering variables such as the number of passenger journeys.


“This benchmarking is testament to a culture of collaboration across light rail that’s driving down the risk of harmful events on tramways and similar transit systems,” Laura said.


“Looking to the future, the dashboards will continue to evolve as the model template transfers to a fully web-based platform and is fully integrated with the LRSSB’s pioneering Tram Accident and Incident Reporting system (TAIR),” she added.


Following their rollout last week, the LRSSB is now embarking on a series of workshops for end users to ensure they can make the most of the innovative new dashboards.

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